What is EFT & How Can You Use It?


What is EFT & How Can You Use It?“Tapping or “Emotional Freedom Techniques” (EFT) is a form of energy work. It can be likened to acupressure for the senses. EFT accesses the same energy points as Chinese acupuncture, yet without the needles.  


The best way to describe EFT and Tapping is to say it’s full of “E’s” (Ease).  It’s Easy. It Encourages. And it’s Effective.  After practicing EFT you will be able to rid yourself of limiting beliefs, past traumas and the negative energy that these manifest.  Below is a brief list that outlines just some of the many benefits of EFT:



It’s Effective and Encouraging.  A person’s energy flows through specific energetic points in the body, known as the Meridian System.  The system runs smoothly until a disruption in the ‘engine’ occurs. Your natural energy flows are disrupted by fear, panic, and triggers of past trauma. These blockages accumulate in one’s Meridian points. Resultantly an individual is more likely to procrastinate, feel easily stressed, feel less optimistic, or be tired and disinterested in life. Since the cause may be unknown, tapping allows you to remove the impact of these forgotten or repressed memories.  By tapping on these points with the fingertips, energy is rebalanced.


It’s Easy. With Emotional Freedom Technique acupuncture needles are not needed to access the body’s energy points.  Long lists of affirmations aren’t required either. Although there are positive aspects to using affirmations as a tool, it’s often not enough. The goal is to “clear” events and their negative charge to your energy.  It is challenging to simply positively affirm oneself out of a forgotten experience or trauma. EFT is easy to do; you don’t even need to lay down to enjoy the positive benefits of EFT. Simply by tapping on the right energy points, balance can be re-established in the body and mind.


Finally, EFT has been used by practitioners since the early 1990s.  There is well-founded research showing the effectiveness of EFT in helping hundreds of thousands with struggles related to physical, and emotional wellbeing, as well as those struggling in relationships or work performance.  By unblocking the burden of negativity on energetic points on the body you can access success, abundance, happiness and better health.


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